Ewelina Sparks

Ewelina SparksEwelina Sparks
is a Compliance Officer at TLC Benefit Solutions, Inc., the health benefits management arm of Langdale Industries, Inc. in Valdosta.  Langdale Industries is the corporate office for The Langdale Company, a family business founded in 1894 with 1100 employees at 27 diversified affiliates in five states, primarily involved in the forest products business.

Ewelina is responsible for ensuring compliance with HIPAA, ERISA, and other applicable laws relative to Langdale’s self-insured and self-administered health and dental plans. Ewelina is also involved with various Human Resource functions at Langdale Industries.

Ewelina holds a M.S. in Sociology and a B. A. from Valdosta State University. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Public Administration and writing her dissertation on the impact of the PPACA on employers and employees. She is a national Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) member and is Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certified.