Employer Healthcare Roundtables

The core value of EmployersLikeMe is to enhance sharing between Georgia employers. We provide a platform for employers to learn from each other’s experiences. The purpose is not to give advice but to share actual experiences and let the recipient decide what is applicable to their situation. Sometimes you just need to bounce a few ideas or questions off someone who is in your shoes. Not to discount the excellent consultants and vendors but to add to their advice a few experiences from colleagues.

Virtual Roundtables: EmployersLikeMe is now experimenting with using simple available technology to make this sharing process easier, a virtual roundtable discussion. A company can contact Don and set up a confidential Roundtable discussion which consists of their questions or issues. EmployersLikeMe will then recruit board members to share experiences with the company. All EmployersLikeMe participants are volunteers.

Local Roundtables: EmployersLikeMe is willing to assist Georgia employers who want to start a physical Employer Healthcare Roundtable in their community.