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Affordable Care Act Panel

EmployersLikeMe Friends:

Next week we’re heading to Savannah for the EmployersLikeMe Summit.  So far 75 of your colleagues are coming and they represent 245,256 covered lives in their health plans.  That’s a perfect sized group; small enough that everyone can participate but large enough to have lots of good experience in the room.

No doubt, one of your biggest challenges is the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. [Read more…]

Are Employers Using Telehealth

Last day for early bird registration:

EmployersLikeMe Friends:

Are employers using telehealth concepts and procedures to save money and improve care access?  Or maybe the correct question is are health providers in Georgia capable of providing quality care using telehealth? [Read more…]

On-Site Clinics

EmployersLikeMe Friends:

On-Site Clinics are a hot topic.  They are used by a variety of employers and in a variety of ways to improve care access and employee health and productivity.

EmployersLikeMe has identified 66 On-Site Clinics in Georgia so far.  About 15 of these are associated with local governments and the rest with private employers. [Read more…]

Did you say Cost Containment?

EmployersLikeMe friends:

At our August 22nd Summit in Savannah the first panel discussion is a big one:  Your Best Cost Containment Ideas  [Read more…]