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Brian Klepper – 2013 Summit Keynote Speaker

Brian Klepper was the keynote at the Summit, and you’ve all been clamoring to get a copy of his presentation.  His message is alarming and a call to action for the business community.

Gary Rost Gives Advice at the 2013 Summit

At the Summit, Gary Rost gave a great summary of his current advice to the over 20 companies and 53,000 lives that make up their Savannah Business Group. Here’s his presentation.



…to the site for employers to share and learn about providing better health care for employees at better costs.

Gotcha: Why Only Business Leaders Can Save Us From Health Care

By: Brian Klepper
Last week, Time Magazine published an expose by Steven Brill clearly explaining the hospital pricing practices that have driven many rank-and-file Americans to financial ruin. Especially for patients with meager or no coverage, Brill details health care as the ultimate “gotcha.” You need care, receive it and then receive a bill equal to a car or house. It is a system designed to take unfair advantage. [Read more…]