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Walmart Moves Health Care Forward Again

By: Brian Klepper
Walmart’s sheer size makes almost any of their initiatives newsworthy. That said, despite being a lightning rod for criticism on employee benefits and health care, they have introduced initiatives with far-reaching impacts. [Read more…]

Chatham Steel Corporation

Chatham Steel CorpNo doubt you’ve heard of Chatham Steel and you’ve probably heard pieces of their innovative health care journey.  EmployersLikeMe  was excited to travel to their Savannah office and learn first-hand about their “Steel Fit” program and to meet their own energizer bunny and not-so-secret weapon “Miss Missy.”  Yes, great things come in small packages! [Read more…]

Savannah Business Group

Savannah Business GroupWhat happens when employers form their own community coalition to tackle health care?  We have a world class answer right here in Georgia!  Savannah Business Group (SBG).  EmployersLikeMe spent some time on the beautiful creative coast with SBG Executive Director Gary Rost. [Read more…]