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RaceTracI drive all over Georgia which requires lots of gas and coffee.  I find myself stopping at RaceTrac whenever possible.  For my money RaceTrac offers great value, nice stores and most importantly they always have really nice people working there.  ELM caught up with our friend Jamie Benton, Director Total Rewards at RaceTrac to talk about those friendly people and their healthcare journey. [Read more…]


Southwire-Living WellIf you want to talk about progressive employers who are pushing the envelope with health care innovations in Georgia you really need to start with Southwire in Carrollton.

Of course if you’ve been around Georgia for a while Southwire is synonymous with innovation and community involvement so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they also lead in healthcare. [Read more…]

Fieldale Farms Corporation

I like chicken.  Recently EmployersLikeMe caught up with my favorite leader in the chicken business; Georgia’s own Fieldale Farms. Turns out that Fieldale is also a long time leader with innovative health programs to bend their cost curve and provide excellent health care for their employees.  Excellence in lots of areas, see a pattern? [Read more…]