About Us

EmployersLikeMe is a community of learning to help employers have the healthiest employees at a fair cost.   This effort is “vendor free” and constructed to allow employers to help each other without the influence of third parties.  Employers pay for much of the current health system costs but often must depend on advice from others who have conflicting vested interests.  Our purpose is to give employers a safe place for learning from each other, discussing ideas and implementing new innovations.  By employers for employers! The idea is for the word to spread from one trusted colleague to another.

Employers often ask “I know there must be someone out there just like me!  What are they doing and why?” Now they have EmployersLikeMe.

Who are we?

EmployersLikeMe is the direct result of discussions and ideas generated by a group of progressive Georgia employers who are operating and innovating in the current health system.  Frustrated like many, they spent the time to learn the system and to better understand their employee’s health and then started innovative processes and programs.

Board Members Include:

Jamie Benton– Rollins Inc, Atlanta, GA      – Chairman

Mark Wilson– Langdale Industries, Valdosta, GA      – Vice Chairman and Chair Operations

Lisa Evans– Southwire, Carrollton, GA     – Chair Education

Barbara Barrett– Langdale Industries, Valdosta, GA      – Chair Projects

Charlie Barnes- Barnes Healthcare, Valdosta, GA

Kevin Beals– Lowndes County, Valdosta, GA

Karin Elliott- University System of Georgia, Board of Regents, Atlanta, GA

Vince Falcione– Procter & Gamble, Albany, GA

Karen Fite– Georgia Tech’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Rob Harshman– Southern Company, Atlanta, GA

Denise Ivester– Fieldale Farms, Baldwin, GA

Kimberlee Johns– Mohawk Industries, Calhoun, GA

Joy Paulk- Williams Institutional Foods, Douglas GA

Gary Rost– The Savannah Business Group, Savannah, GA

Patti Taylor-  Newell Brands, Atlanta, GA

Mark Wilson– College of Public Health, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Don Betts– Health@GeorgiaTech, Douglas, GA

The EmployersLikeMe Network of Members–  ELM has over 180 employer contacts on our network roster.  This represents over 125 different employers throughout Georgia.  In the past business health coalitions have started in Atlanta and been Atlanta centered and these efforts have not lasted.  EmployersLikeMe has truly been a statewide effort and actually has more network members outside metro Atlanta.

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2) has worked with Georgia employers for decades most notably through the federal Manufacturing Extension Program.  The Health Technology Extension group within EI2 sits at the critical intersection between the health science and technology innovations growing out of the Georgia Tech Campus and relationships with health care system components around the state and with thousands of employers.  Georgia Tech was asked to provide the community structure but also to set a tone for a fair and level playing field for EmployersLikeMe.

The University of Georgia College of Public Health has also been active with Georgia employers for years around employee wellness and they have joined the EmployersLikeMe leadership team to provide critical insight on public health.


-Operating web site at www.employerslikeme.com and on Linkedin group at EmployersLikeMe- Health Innovations and on Twitter @employerslikeme.  These activities connect employers to the best resources from around the country.

-Employer Health Data is a unique opportunity for EmployersLikeMe.  Georgia Tech’s Integrated Interoperability Lab (I3L) will be accepting employer health data and working with the leadership of ELM to produce custom reports available to ELM members.

-Collecting Company Stories to document and tell success stories from around Georgia about companies who provide the best healthcare at favorable costs.

-Discerning the best practices from successful employers and developing a teachable curriculum to accelerate learning among employers, creating a Health Innovation Roadmap©

-Creating opportunities to connect progressive employers with the latest technology from the Georgia Tech campus and the robust Atlanta health information community

-Hold state-wide and regional learning events to foster the trusted network, check our site for the next regional Summit


Don Betts, Georgia Tech, ude.hcetagnull@stteb, 912.381.9003