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Are employers using telehealth concepts and procedures to save money and improve care access?  Or maybe the correct question is are health providers in Georgia capable of providing quality care using telehealth?

We all remember telehealth discussions from years ago and numerous “call a doc” programs.  Not very successful then but it appears there is a renewed interest and lots of questions swirling around the concept.  Many employers are looking at how they can better use technology to improve access and save money.

Have the technology and regulations finally caught up with the concept???

What you might not know is that Georgia is blessed with some of the best and most passionate telehealth professionals in the country.  In fact, the Georgia Partnership for Telehealth has been busy helping providers and agencies all around the world solve the access issue.

At the EmployersLikeMe Summit in Savannah on August 22 we will have an interesting panel to help discuss and answer these questions.

Mark Wilson with The Langdale Company will moderate.  Mark and his team are deep into research on how this might help rural companies so he can lead the discussion from personal experience.

Then the panel will consist of:

Mark Jansen, Executive Director, Georgia Partnership for Telehealth

Dr. Jean Sumner, Practicing Physician and Medical Director for the Georgia Composite Board of Medicine

Phil Lamson, Project Director, Health @ Georgia Tech

We will also have several live demonstrations throughout the day to highlight the concept so you can understand the capability first hand.  Any volunteers?

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