On-Site Clinics

EmployersLikeMe Friends:

On-Site Clinics are a hot topic.  They are used by a variety of employers and in a variety of ways to improve care access and employee health and productivity.

EmployersLikeMe has identified 66 On-Site Clinics in Georgia so far.  About 15 of these are associated with local governments and the rest with private employers.

We’re seeing several trends:

  • more collaborative efforts between two or more employers
  • many are going past acute care to really help with disease management
  • many use their on-site clinics to improve pharmaceutical effectiveness
  • can make steerage of your plan members easier and more effective
  • growing interest in how real telehealth capability can assist with on-site clinic concept
  • there are several well respected vendors and hospital systems who operate on-site clinics in Georgia
  • there’s a growing level of sophistication on demonstrating a real ROI

So for the Savannah Summit on August 22nd we have a great panel to discuss their experiences:

Moderator:  Denise Ivester:  Denise recently cranked up her second clinic so she knows what’s important!

Your colleagues on the panel:

  • Jennifer Evans, DOT Foods in Vidalia
  • Robby Burns, City of Augusta
  • Shareese Durham, Coats North America
  • Dawn Coker, LaGrange College

Only four days left for Early Bird Registration!  See the attachment for the entire agenda.   Get registered now at www.employerslikeme.org

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