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Join us for the South Georgia Workshop

April 17, 2014

Online Registration is now closed, but on-site registration will be available the day of the workshop.  Contact Don Betts at 912.381.9003 or ude.hcetagnull@stteb if you have questions.

Employer Healthcare Workshop

April 17th at Engram Hall on the South Georgia State College Campus [Read more...]

April 17th Workshop

South Georgia – Save the date!

Employer Healthcare Workshop

April 17th at Engram Hall on the South Georgia State College Campus

In partnership with the Douglas Regional Employer Committee this is another EmployersLikeMe opportunity to network and learn from other employers. [Read more...]

EmployersLikeMe Names Board Officers

The board of EmployersLikeMe has further organized and elected a slate of Executive Board Officers to help steer the organization.  They are:

  • Chairman:  Jamie Benton, RaceTrac
  • Vice Chair:  Mark Wilson, Langdale Industries, Inc.
  • Education Chair:  Lisa Evans, Southwire
  • Projects Chair:  Elizabeth Dixon, Chick-fil-A
  • Operations Chair:  Barbara Barrett, Langdale Industries, Inc.

The entire board appreciates their willingness to serve and provide leadership to help employers across the state better network and learn around healthcare innovations.

Affordable Care Act Panel

EmployersLikeMe Friends:

Next week we’re heading to Savannah for the EmployersLikeMe Summit.  So far 75 of your colleagues are coming and they represent 245,256 covered lives in their health plans.  That’s a perfect sized group; small enough that everyone can participate but large enough to have lots of good experience in the room.

No doubt, one of your biggest challenges is the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. [Read more...]

Are Employers Using Telehealth

Last day for early bird registration:  www.employerslikeme.org

EmployersLikeMe Friends:

Are employers using telehealth concepts and procedures to save money and improve care access?  Or maybe the correct question is are health providers in Georgia capable of providing quality care using telehealth? [Read more...]

On-Site Clinics

EmployersLikeMe Friends:

On-Site Clinics are a hot topic.  They are used by a variety of employers and in a variety of ways to improve care access and employee health and productivity.

EmployersLikeMe has identified 66 On-Site Clinics in Georgia so far.  About 15 of these are associated with local governments and the rest with private employers. [Read more...]

Did you say Cost Containment?

EmployersLikeMe friends:

At our August 22nd Summit in Savannah the first panel discussion is a big one:  Your Best Cost Containment Ideas  [Read more...]

How to Engage the C-Suite

Bert Tenenbaum has an interesting perspective on leadership engagement around healthcare.

Bert’s family started Chatham Steel in Savannah, Georgia.  Several years ago Chatham Steel was bought by Reliance Steel & Aluminum.  Bert stayed and served as President of Chatham Steel.  Bert and his team built a healthy culture and started numerous innovative programs to help employees and contain cost.  Recently Bert was asked to take on an even bigger task. [Read more...]

Affordable Care Act Webcast

EmployersLikeMe offers a special thank you to Lisa Evans, Health Director at Southwire for providing a great presentation on our webcast June 20th.  If you missed it, follow this link to see her slides.  Here is the link to the recording of the webcast.

Lisa serves on the EmployersLikeMe steering committee and we appreciate her passion and expertise!

Mt Vernon Mills – A History of Caring

Mt Vernon Mills with 1,200 employees is a major driver in the beautiful northwest Georgia town of Trion.  Mt Vernon Mills has two facilities colocated in Trion on the banks of the Chattooga River.  For over 20 years they’ve had a “medical department” but back in 2003 with the help of Healthstat they opened a separate on-site clinic.  EmployersLikeMe sat down with Gary Williams who runs all the HR functions for the mills parent company Mount Vernon.  Check out the video to hear Gary’s description of what they’ve done and how it has worked.